These house rules outline the rules and regulations for the use of Aganthuka Galle.

General House Rules

Maximum Occupancy

The villa accommodates a maximum of 6 occupants, including guests and all children. Failure to comply will result in immediate eviction without refund of the security deposit.

Check-in Procedures

Guests must check in at 2pm. The keys to the accommodation will be stored in a key safe. The access code for the key safe will be provided to guests 48 hours prior to their check-in date. Upon arrival, guests must use the provided access code to retrieve the keys from the key safe. Additionally, guests must fill out a form at the security desk and provide photo identification. After verification, guests will complete the check-in process.

Children and Safety

  • Children’s Stay: Children of all ages are welcome.
  • Crib Availability: Cribs are available upon request.
  • Extra Bed Availability: Extra beds are available upon request and are subject to availability.
  • Supervision: Children should not be left unattended in common areas, including lifts, the rooftop, or the swimming pool


  • Pet Policy: Pets are not allowed.


  • Wi-Fi: Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi is available in apartment.

No Subletting

Guests are not allowed to sublet or assign any part of the accommodation property without prior written consent from the host.


  • Accepted Payment Methods: Payments can be made via credit/debit cards. Cash payments are not accepted.


Vehicles should be parked only in allotted parking slots. Visitor parking is available subject to availability. Parking outside designated areas is prohibited.

Safety & Maintenance

  • Guests are responsible for maintaining the accommodation property and will be charged for any damages, breakages, or loss. Any damage must be promptly reported to the host via email.
  • Personal Belongings: No personal belongings, including footwear, bicycles, playthings, etc., shall be kept in the common areas outside the apartment.
  • Laundry: Clothing shall not be hung outside of any window ledge, balcony, or common areas outside the apartment.
  • Prohibited Activities: Sports such as ball games, cycling, and skateboarding are not allowed in common areas outside the apartment, particularly the car park, lobbies, and elevators.
  • Fire Safety: The burning of refuse material is strictly prohibited within the entire premises, both within apartments and common areas. Candles, oil lamps, etc., lit within the apartments shall be attended at all times. Fireworks shall not be lit within the apartments, on the balconies, or in common areas, nor thrown out from the apartments.

Special Needs

Guests are responsible for ensuring that all special needs of occupants are met and hold the host indemnified in this regard.


Guests must promptly report any repairs required, and the host will make reasonable efforts to address them. No refunds will be issued for utility interruptions or maintenance issues.

Quiet Hours and Noise Control

The property is in a residential area, and guests must refrain from conducting business activities or causing excessive noise that disturbs other occupants. Guests are liable for any nuisance caused.

No Event/Party Policy

  • No celebrations or events are allowed on the property unless booked in designated areas subject to availability and payment.
  • Parties and Gatherings: Utilizing common areas for partying or any other gatherings is strictly prohibited.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises, including car parks, rooftop, gymnasium, elevators, lobbies, corridors, and stairways. Designated smoking areas are available outside the building.

Cleanliness and Waste Management

  • Garbage Disposal: No waste material or garbage should be disposed of in the gullies, ducts, or commodes. Disposal should be through designated ways and means.
  • Odours and Hygiene: No food, waste material, or garbage should be kept or accumulated within apartments in a manner that causes objectionable odours or hazards.
  • Segregation: Garbage must be segregated, and kitchen waste should be placed in plastic bags commonly used for garbage disposal. These bags should not be overfilled and should be properly closed to be airtight.
  • Garbage Bins: Garbage bags should be placed in disposal bins available on every floor, preferably before 10:00 AM every morning.

Other House Rules

  • Gas must be switched off when not in use.
  • Guests must follow rules set by the apartment complex regarding recreational facilities and common areas.
  • Any breakages must be immediately reported with photographs.
  • Sanitary items must not be flushed down toilets.
  • No nails, screws, or adhesives are allowed on interior surfaces.

Check-out Procedures

  • Check-out time is 10:00 am.
  • Keys must be handed over to the nominated individual by the host.
  • Garbage must be removed from the apartment.
  • The refrigerator must be emptied.
  • Utensils and countertops must be cleaned.
  • Toilets and bins must be cleared.
  • Air conditioning, gas, switches, and lights must be turned off.
  • All provided items must be available for inspection in their original condition.
  • Please note that a fee of Australian Dollars 100 may apply in the event of lost or damaged keys or access cards.

Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations

  • Pre-Swim Hygiene: Shower and use the foot baths before entering the pool. Persons with wounds, bandages, or any infectious diseases are not allowed in the pool. Unhygienic practices such as spitting, spouting, and nose blowing are prohibited in the pool.
  • Post-Swim: After using the pool, dry yourself thoroughly before re-entering the lift lobby.
  • Appropriate Attire: Wear appropriate swimming attire. No nude bathing. T-shirts and shorts are strictly prohibited in the pool.
  • Weather Conditions: Leave the pool during heavy rain and thunderstorms.
  • Child Supervision: Children under twelve (12) years of age are not allowed in the pool or the pool area unless accompanied by their parents or supervising adults who are responsible for their safety and conduct.
  • Prohibited Items: Surfboards, snorkeling and scuba diving gear (masks, snorkels, flippers, diving suits, etc.), glass masks, glass goggles, bulky inflatable toys, and similar objects are not permitted in the pool.
  • Safety Equipment: The safety equipment provided around the swimming pool should not be used for any other purpose.
  • Poolside Furniture: No poolside furniture shall be removed from the pool area. Misuse of poolside furniture is strictly prohibited.
  • Swimming at Own Risk: All occupant tenants and their guests swim entirely at their own risk.

Rules for using the Gymnasium

  • Children under 16 years are not allowed to enter the Gymnasium.
  • Use of the Gymnasium is entirely at the risk of the user.
  • Smoking and consuming food are strictly prohibited within the Gymnasium.
  • All persons using the Gymnasium shall wear appropriate attire together with shoes.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

  • In case of fire, you must not use the Elevators and should use the fire exit stair case at all times.
  • The instructions given through the Public Address System should be followed, in the case of an emergency situation.
  • Electrical Appliances and Gas Cookers etc. shall be switched off, if they are in operation.
  • When evacuating the building, the Exit Paths that are marked shall be followed. Once outside, move quickly to the assembly points.
  • If there are individuals of limited mobility (e.g. pregnant, aged, or disabled persons), details of such persons should be submitted well in advance to the Property Manager.