Amenity Dryer

Luxury 3BR Apt with Pool, Gym & Tennis in Galle SL

Inviting lounge area at Aganthuka Galle featuring comfortable chairs, a large TV, and expansive balcony doors that open to reveal a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. This setting provides a serene and luxurious space for relaxation, making the most of the picturesque coastal scenery.
Enjoy our three-bedroom apartment with free Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen including a washing machine and dryer. Dive into the pool, use the gym, or play tennis and squash. Ideal for families and groups. Relax at our beach clubhouse and terrace, just 5 minutes away. Close to Galle Fort, enjoy breathtaking views of lush fields and world-class amenities. Explore nearby attractions or unwind on our rooftop terrace overlooking the serene surroundings. Perfect for a luxurious escape.