Amenity Double bed

Double Bed at Aganthuka Galle

At Aganthuka Galle, our double bed offers the perfect blend of comfort and versatility for our guests. Whether you are traveling with your family or seeking a peaceful night’s sleep, this amenity is designed to meet your needs. The double bed can comfortably accommodate two children, providing them with a cozy space to rest after a day of exploring. Alternatively, it is also ideal for an adult and a child, ensuring a restful and undisturbed sleep for both. With its plush mattress and quality linens, the double bed promises a rejuvenating experience, making your stay at Aganthuka Galle truly relaxing and memorable.

Luxury 3BR Apt with Pool, Gym & Tennis in Galle SL

Inviting lounge area at Aganthuka Galle featuring comfortable chairs, a large TV, and expansive balcony doors that open to reveal a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. This setting provides a serene and luxurious space for relaxation, making the most of the picturesque coastal scenery.
Enjoy our three-bedroom apartment with free Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen including a washing machine and dryer. Dive into the pool, use the gym, or play tennis and squash. Ideal for families and groups. Relax at our beach clubhouse and terrace, just 5 minutes away. Close to Galle Fort, enjoy breathtaking views of lush fields and world-class amenities. Explore nearby attractions or unwind on our rooftop terrace overlooking the serene surroundings. Perfect for a luxurious escape.